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My name is Eloise, and I am a Brisbane based Pilates and Yoga Teacher,  Meditation Guide and Sound Immersion Performer.


I also provide coaching and support to new teachers who aren’t quite sure what the next steps are after completing teacher training, or are looking to take their teaching business or studio to the next level.



I first found Pilates through injury and quickly discovered the importance of functional movement and mobility through the improvement in my movement and coordination. I completed my first Classical Mat qualification in 2016, and finished my Comprehensive certification with BASI in 2019. I also specialise in Pre and Post Natal and Hypermobility. 

In my previous life, I was a corporate consultant so I am particularly passionate about correcting the movement patterns that we adopt from #officelife and soothing busy minds from heavy workloads. My philosophy is that we need to move more and stress less, using Pilates and Yoga to get us back to being the strong and mobile creatures we were born to be, whilst using meditation and sound immersion to soothe our overactive minds.

I have found that many technical training courses often don't address the practicalities and strategy needed to run a successful business. I provide a mentoring service for new teachers who aren't sure how to get started (let alone how to make a living in this industry!!) as well as coaching for studios who are looking to increase their profits. 


Bachelor of Business Management, The University of Queensland, 2010

Bachelor of Arts- Psychology, Journalism & Mass Communication, The University of Queensland, 2010

Power Pilates Mat I and II August 2016

Gong Master and Sound Healing Training, Tone of Life, 2017

BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training 2019

Group of people doing the mermaid pilate


Pilates focusses on building functional strength and coordination to help you move better through life. My classes are moderately paced and relaxed, so that everyone can follow along, while having a few laughs along the way.


Yin Yoga is formed of long held stretches to open up the energetic flow in the body through the fascial system and energy centres. My classes are deeply meditative, allowing you to feel into the sensations that arise through each posture, fully connecting with your body and your mind.

Ashtanga Yoga
six singing bowls with gong in the backg


Sound Immersion uses instruments such as gongs and singing bowls to "bathe" participants in sound and vibration, transporting them to a state of deep relaxation. I approach this work in a way that is accessible to be able to share these moments of relaxation with as many people as possible, while allowing participants room to have their own experience.


You've just finished your teacher training, you know the pilates repertoire inside out, and you can deliver a killer Vinyasa flow, but now what? How do you actually get clients and teaching gigs? Is social media really that important? What are all these letters from the Tax Office? I'm here to help.

Yoga Class
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You might be wondering if it's possible to make a living teaching, not just surviving, but a lifestyle where you can travel and afford to do everything you want to do. The answer is YES! and I can show you how.

Light Work

If you heard that I also work in the mystic realms, you heard right. You can find my Light Work at www.lunaapogee.com

"I never liked Pilates until I did Eloise's class. Now I love it"


Fun at Yoga


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